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Backpack is a general term for backpacks that are carried on the shoulders. According to the different uses of backpacks, they are divided into backpacks, computer backpacks, sports backpacks, fashion backpacks, school backpacks (School Backpack) and drawstring bags, military backpacks, mountaineering bags and so on. Depending on the material, it will become canvas bag, Oxford cloth bag, and nylon cloth bag.

About us

The design style of each brand is different, and the concept that it wants to express is also completely different. In the eyes of a man, the choice of the brand indicates the choice of a kind of lifestyle and attitude towards life.

Then, men became more picky about the color of their bags. Their rational intuition told them that the color matching of bags and clothing was closely related, and they sought change in unification. Due to the extremely high reusability of men’s bags, a bag is required to match a variety of clothes.

Dark colors such as black, gray, and brown have naturally become popular protagonists.